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About SensMit

SensMitTM provides the only real-world solution to the problem of aggregating agricultural sensor data over widely-distributed areas. It has an ultra low-cost, battery-less, virtually 'disposable' form, and we've integrated rudimentary simple sensors. This creates the opportunity to finally gain access to real-time basic cost-effective data that informs farm management decisions, whether directly or through integration with farm management information systems. Ongoing innovation is driving new sensors, reduced manufacturing costs, and a unique implementation of LoRaTM technology, ensuring SensMit will remain the go-to solution for years to come.

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Who's using SensMit

This unique user-installed platform is being used for soil and environmental sensing in vineyards, farms/ranches and large seed operations by growers, crop consultants, and enterprise corporations in seven different countries on four continents. Numerous Universities and top research centres in Canada and USA use our platform to demonstrate and advance the future of precision agriculture.

SensMitWeb Cloud Application

SensMitWeb lets you aggregate real-time and historic data from global sources to a single high-capacity AWS-hosted DNS site, and using our portal translation utility, store it in a single format. Then you can view, extract, or have us manage the data, or API it out to your own application.Basic Services (paid) cover secure data storage, retrieval, charting/display, user-defined alerts and API’s, with more-advanced paid services covering data mapping, analytics and the SensMitAct family of reports.

Currently supports:

  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Soil conductivity
  • ETo and weather including condensing humidity
  • Growing degree days


SensMit makes it easy to aggregate real-time in-field sensor data (soil, environment, weather) and publish it.


Battery-less modular 24/7/365 end-user-installed radio/sensor engine network reporting to SensMitWeb data warehousing


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