About iDUS Controls

Sensmit Infographic miniiDUS Controls Ltd. is a leading-edge intellectual property-based technology company. We specialize in the development of algorithmic controls with our primary focus on our SensMitTM ‘Mesh to Cloud’ environmental sensing platform. Our global partners use SensMit-based technologies to provide turn-key solutions that increase operational efficiency in agriculture and other large-field applications.

Our SensMitTM platform!

iDUS has had ongoing growth for the SensMit radio technology and enhanced SensMitWeb cloud service. This unique user-installable platform is being used for soil and environmental sensing in vineyards, farms/ranches and large seed operations by a rapidly-growing pool of farmers, crop consultants, and enterprise corporations in seven different countries on four continents. There is also a growing pool of Universities and top research centres in Canada and USA using our platform to demonstrate and advance the future of precision agriculture.

We couldn’t be happier seeing our founding dream – using our innovations to help address the world’s critical water & food management issues – become a reality. See Infographic here.

We'd like to welcome our new Makers who are adding this unique product to their offerings. Together as a community we can provide real-time farm data where it has never been cost-effective before!

Thank you to all our partners, early adopters and farmers, and research scientists and institutions for taking the technology up and giving us great feedback. We're committed to constant improvement and could not do this without you.

SensMitTM’s Role

SensMitTM is the CanadArm of Precision Agriculture – it is a field-proven "Internet of Things" technology that cost-effectively does the heavy lifting needed to move data from widespread (farm-wide) sensors to a single location. SensMitWeb then makes the data easy to access, visualize and integrate into enterprise applications so that the benefits of efficient irrigation practices can now be realized.

Reinoud (Ron) Hartman is Founder and President of iDUS Controls.

Ron is an experienced business leader, innovator and entrepreneur. He has worked extensively in design and management of water systems and infrastructure. His expertise arises from technical and entrepreneurial skills acquired through his career in civil engineering and commerce. He leads a dynamic creative team of innovators, scientists and business visionaries.

History of our Tech Firm:

Established in 2008, iDUS Controls Ltd. is a leading-edge intellectual property-based technology company. We design smart algorithm-driven controls for a variety of applications associated with agriculture, water and resource efficiency.

Starting with our controls for smart water reuse pump-stations for homes, we have since expanded into water sensing, agriculture irrigation control and next-generation smart-mesh communications technologies.

Our Philosophy:

At iDUS we started by recognizing that adaptation-type technologies are needed to support a growing population facing a changing climate. But we also know that end-users need to see an immediate pay-back for changing their current processes; they need ‘real benefits now’. As a result, our technologies are all designed to create immediate value to the end user on the day they start using them through a definable return on investment, increased productivity and simplified operations.

Our Areas of Specialization:

iDUS is supplying technology to help others build smart systems for:

  • Precision agricultural;
  • Agriculture management and irrigation;
  • Utility monitoring;
  • Solar-powered controls; and,
  • Business and home water reuse/conservation.

We fine-tune our patented and patent-pending technologies to meet client needs. Our core business lies in developing adaptation technologies.

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