Buy from a partner or become a maker yourself!

Become a maker


  • We provide you industry standard manufacturing designs and e-files
  • Use our patented case design, or design your own
  • Latest Firmware code versions always available on-line
  • Make all or only some modules - components are interchangeable between partners
  • Send data to SensMitWeb, or directly integrate with your existing hardware or webservice
  • Each mesh is unique – your data is secure


Hardware Modules:

  • Cellular Gateway (GPRS/CDMA/3G)
  • Base – administers mesh
  • Routing node/sensor engine
  • End node/sensor engine
  • Analogue Sensor Suites
  • Soil and Environmental sensors (Note- not all sensors are supported)

See details

Data sheet

Decalogger - A Separate Data Logger with a built in Temperature Sensor, a 10 year battery life and operates in temperatures of +40C to -40C. A comparison of our sensor compared to a Campbell Scientific Temperature Sensor is here.




SensMitWeb.com warehouses and publishes your data!

Website Features:

  • View site maps, sensor time series charts and ‘at a glance’ sensor status via the standard user interface
  • Diagnostics tools enable remote troubleshooting
  • Pull and push API’s make it easy to integrate data streams with enterprise software
  • Share multi-level user access
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Pay as you go or annual payment for end-user’s services
  • Adaptable for custom use cases


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